2020 Impact Outcomes


Thanks to you, your purchases, and your donations, this year (despite the swirling vortex of entropy and seriously bad vibes that was 2020) we were able to do a lot of good. You showed up and supported our mission! Here’s how we used your precious dollars and our profits to make a difference. 

In 2020, the Cotopaxi Foundation did the following with your support: 

-Awarded 31 individual grants to combat income inequality and poverty

-Assisted 750,000 people directly and 3.2 million indirectly*

-Received 10,000+ individual customer donations, totaling over $65K

-Donated 125,000+ masks and provided an additional 500,000 to Utah citizens

-Gave 1,200 emergency kits to displaced families in NYC with our friends at Bombas

-Distributed 18,000 malaria-preventing bed nets and 36,000 rapid diagnostic tests

-Raised over $25,0000, which we matched for the IRC Crisis Response Fund

-Sold 4,000 #OneUtah t-shirts to support local COVID response

-Donated $417,000 this year

We know this year has been anxiety-ridden and that there aren’t enough self-care tricks in the universe to make everything okay. But from all of us at Cotopaxi, we want you to know that you’re great. You’re a good person. And we’re really  honored that you supported us through all the challenges we’ve faced together this year. 

*What the heck does “directly assisted” mean? How did we calculate that? Thanks for asking and reading the small print! It means that 750,000 people received direct financial, product, or service support from one of our grants. This could mean cash handouts in Colombia, emergency kits for homeless families displaced by COVID, medical help for Venezuelan citizens, malaria treatment, or paid for education services. ALL of our grants are 100% traceable. This means we know where every dollar goes: to partners and programs doing real work that matters.