Bombas x Cotopaxi: A Collab that Supports Community Solutions

Great things happen when we come together, so this season we partnered with our friends at Bombas to Do Good & Bee Better. Together, we created a sustainably minded hiking collection that leaves a softer tread on the planet. And in honor of this new collab, we’re supporting Community Solutions, a nonprofit working with over 100 communities in the U.S. to end homelessness. 

Through its Built for Zero initiative, Community Solutions supports a movement  made up of more than 100 cities and counties committed to measurably ending homelessness for entire populations. According to Community Solutions, “The goal is to achieve a milestone known as functional zero—an ongoing state where homelessness is continuously rare and brief.” And they aim to do so without losing sight of local needs. For example, using local data and proven technologies, Community Solutions works with local organizations and municipalities to design systems that reduce and end homelessness.

One critical data point is knowing each person experiencing homelessness within a community. Accordingly, Community Solutions helps communities compile comprehensive name lists, use them effectively, and update them in real-time. The shared information is consensual and includes name, homeless history, health, and housing needs. 

During recurring problem-solving meetings known as case conferencing, these “by-name lists” help the community work together to deliver tailored solutions for individuals. Using the data, leaders can ensure individuals' needs are met and that their collective efforts are driving the whole community closer to zero homelessness. 

Here’s a look at what Community Solutions has achieved through Built for Zero so far: 

  • 105 communities participating 
  • 147,000+ individuals housed by Built for Zero communities since 2015
  • 14 communities have functionally ended homelessness for a population
  • 64 communities have achieved quality real-time data
  • 42 communities have achieved a measurable reduction in homelessness



We’re honored to join Bombas in supporting Community Solutions in their critical work and invite the Cotopaxi community to join us. Here’s how you can help: