Cotopaxi Masks in Action with Mercy Corps in South America 

COVID-19 has impacted communities across the globe, but vulnerable communities have been disproportionately impacted. To support at-risk  communities, we teamed up with the mighty Mercy Corps to distribute masks to communities in Guatemala, Haiti, and the Pacific Northwest. 

Together and thanks to your mask orders, families and communities in these areas are more likely to remain healthy and stable.

In Guatemala, the pandemic has cut off income for many in rural villages. “Because of the pandemic, we haven’t been able to go out and sell our crops," says Adela Macz Tzib, representing the women of Tzaquijá village. “Even if there’s very little, the little sustains the family. But with COVID there is no longer a way," adds Julio Baten, Community Mayor of Racaná village.

In addition to economic difficulty, a lack of personal protective equipment has left many Guatemalans at increased risk. Mercy Corps has worked around the clock to provide cash assistance, advisory services, and Cotopaxi face masks to Guatemalan communities in need. 

Masks—which are often too expensive to buy—can help keep families safe as they begin to farm and sell once again. With your help and the assistance of Mercy Corps, we've been able to provide over 125,000 face masks to at-risk communities across the globe.