MiiR x Cotopaxi: Our Grant to Water1st International

We all know how damaging single use plastic bottles are for the planet, but here are some cold hard facts:

  • It takes 1 PET plastic bottle 700 years to start decomposing.
  • 3 liters of water are used to package 1 half liter bottle of water.
  • An estimated 1,500 plastic bottles end up as waste every second.

At Cotopaxi, we’re done with single-use containers. That said, not all reusable bottles are responsibly made, which is why we’ve partnered with MiiR. A certified B Corporation like us, MiiR is Climate Neutral Certified and awards grants to help improve clean water access, protect the environment, and strengthen communities. 

The result of our collaboration? Truly sustainable drinkware that supports a grant to Water1st International, an organization that constructs piped water systems in disadvantaged communities. Water1st’s work is indispensable, because when every household has a kitchen tap, toilet, and shower, people are healthier, girls can attend school, and families prosper. 

Since its inception, Water1st has provided safe water access to 92 communities and over 30,000 people. Our shared grant with MiiR will go toward continuing this work in Honduras, where piped water systems help to prevent waterborne diseases and eliminate the need for water collection, both of which disrupt education, bankrupt families, and perpetuate inequality. 

For those of us with 24/7 access to fresh H2O, it’s easy to take water for granted. When you purchase a piece of MiiR x Cotopaxi drinkware, you recognize that water (and treating the planet responsibly!) matters. You also directly support our grant to Water1st.