Our Grant to Nuzzles & Co. Pet Rescue and Adoption

We recently partnered with fellow Utah-based company Wolfgang Man & Beast to launch a limited edition GoodDog collar, leash, and Bataan 3L Del Día Fanny Pack. But there’s more to this collab than the colorful canine accessories we designed. Together, our two companies awarded a grant to Park City’s Nuzzles & Co. Pet Rescue and Adoption. Read on to learn more about how this grant will make a difference in the lives of dogs across our home state and beyond. 

Founded in 1990, Nuzzles & Co. saves abandoned, neglected, and homeless animals from euthanasia shelters. They take in animals who need the most help: the vulnerable babies, the pregnant and nursing mothers, the seniors, those who need training and socialization, the injured and the sick. This helps to prevent overcrowding at underfunded animal shelters, and in some cases, saves dogs from necessary euthanasia. 

Nuzzles & Co. saves most of its animals from shelters across Utah’s Wasatch Front, but also extends a hand to Ute and Navajo Reservations which have severely underfunded animal rescue resources. About once a month, Nuzzles & Co. makes a “rez run” to deliver much-needed food and medical supplies to these partners, and to hold spay/neuter clinics. They also load up their van with as many homeless dogs and cats as possible for transit up to their “Rescue Ranch” in Park City, where they receive care as the organization works to find adoptive families. 

2020 has presented diverse challenges for pet owners across Utah—many have found themselves surrendering their pets to shelters when they can no longer afford to take care of them. This has put an even greater strain on these shelters. In response, Nuzzles and Co.  opened pop-up pet food pantries all over the Wasatch Front, dispensing thousands of pounds of free pet food to Utah families. 

Despite Nuzzles and Co.’s work to alleviate pet owners this year, they’ve seen a significant increase in animals surrendered to their headquarters. Additionally, the organization has struggled to make ends meet due to having to cancel all in-person fundraisers. Our grant to Nuzzles and Co.—made possible with your support—goes directly toward this nonprofit’s important and timely work.