PNW Mercy Corps and Masks Donation

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected countries around the world in different and challenging ways. In the United States, the pandemic has hit small businesses especially hard, resulting in catastrophic, long-lasting closures. Entrepreneurs and communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by restraints and financial setbacks. Already providing assistance to PNW small businesses, Mercy Corps was recently able to distribute Cotopaxi masks and best wishes to many of these businesses in the Pacific Northwest. 

One of the small businesses to receive Cotopaxi face masks and support from PNW Mercy Corps is Jackson Shine, a family-owned shoe shining business located in the Portland International Airport.

“[Pre-COVID] it was a pretty busy business, especially in the winter time. We would have little lines of customers,” says business owner, H Jackson. 

But with strict regulations in place, many small businesses like Jackson Shine are still closed.

“We’re having to use our savings to pay for everyday living expenses, so it’s getting scarier and scarier for sure,” says Jackson. 

Small businesses like Jackson Shoe Shine Co. currently rely on grants from Mercy Corps Northwest. From now until they can open shop again, business owners like those of Jackson Shoe Shine Co. are looking for new opportunities and working to find a way back to business. 

Jackson Shoe Shine Co. is one of more than 150 small businesses that will be able to stay safe now and when they reopen, thanks in part to Cotopaxi customer mask purchases and donations to the Cotopaxi Foundation.