Behind the Design: HOKA x Cotopaxi

This spring, we’ve teamed up with HOKA ONE ONE® to help you explore local trails in flying color. The result of our shared design power? A limited edition, eye-catching HOKA Torrent 2, plus a Torrent 2-inspired Batac 16L Del Día Backpack. We sat down with Evie Moe, VP of Design at Cotopaxi, to ask about the HOKA-inspired Batac and how it works in tandem with the Del Día-inspired Torrent 2. 

What is the Batac’s origin story? 

EVIE: The Batac was designed to be a smaller version of the Allpa (our favorite travel backpack)—similar in shape but not in features. Designed to pack into a larger bag to be used once you reach your destination, it’s just as well-suited to outdoor adventures closer to home. It’s lightweight and packable, making it easy to carry and to be active with. 

What else makes the Batac unique?  

EVIE: A rough translation of Batac is "the people's pulling their efforts together" which we love because it really represents the ideology and process of the Del Día program. The Del Día program is truly a collaboration with our factory partner, and the amazing, one-of-a-kind colorways come from the employees of our factory partner showcasing their creativity.

Why is the Batac the perfect companion for the Torrent 2? How do the two products work together? 

EVIE: We loved that both of these products are at more accessible price points and can be great items to start out with when someone wants to start spending more time outside. Both products are also extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of environments, allowing the wearer to really choose their own adventure! We also loved how well the Torrent 2 took color and coordinated with the Batac.  

How does this specific Batac take design cues from the Torrent 2, and how do these features enhance the bag? 

EVIE: We added the striped artwork to the Batac inspired by the artwork on the Torrent 2. Because it’s Del Día, Batac is all about totally unique colorways—we leave it up to our sewers to choose what colors to include on each bag. That said, by adding a screen print, we were able to make it even more unique and tie it back to the footwear. In terms of color on the footwear, we found that we had a lot of overlap in our seasonal color palette with Hoka’s, and wanted to create something unique and colorful that would represent Cotopaxi’s design aesthetic.

How did the collaboration process look with HOKA? What insights can you give into that process?

EVIE: We really enjoyed working with the HOKA team! I’ve known one of their designers for some time and we were really excited to have this opportunity to work together and unite two brands that focus on making great product and getting people outdoors. We also got to work on this project in person at the HOKA offices (pre-COVID) and have a very collaborative and open ideation process with our design teams, which I find always leads to great ideas and relationships, as well as in great product.

What are the benefits of two brands like HOKA and Cotopaxi coming together? 

EVIE: We at Cotopaxi are big fans of HOKA and their footwear! Many people on our team wear HOKA for road/trail running and hiking. It was really exciting to work on a project that complements our brand from both an end use (getting out into nature) perspective but that also supports inclusivity and diversity. And the HOKA team? They’re just a really great, fun team to work with.