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We had a crazy idea—use social media to send two Allpa Travel Packs around the world in 20 days. One goes east. One goes west. Think of it as a global relay, where you give them the ultimate adventure...

Where It’s Been

SLC, UT > Guayaquil, Ecuador > Quito, Ecuador

Current Location

Quito, Ecuador

Where It’s Been

SLC, UT > Boston, MA > Reykjavik, Iceland > Keflavik, Iceland > Cambridge, UK > Oslo, Norway > Hamburg, Germany > Prague, Czech Republic > London, United Kingdom

Current Location

London, United Kingdom

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How it Works

Traveling right now? We need you to help relay (physical handoff) these packs around the globe. Check the map above to see if your trip aligns with where the packs are, and where they’re heading. If so, get in touch.

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