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Questival 2017 User Experience Audit

Request for Proposals, August 17, 2017

About Cotopaxi

We are an outdoor gear and apparel company based in Salt Lake City. Our products and experiences motivate people to get outside, challenges themselves, and do good. We are a Certified B-Corp, and we give 2% of our revenue to fund poverty alleviation initiatives.

Questival is a 24-hour adventure race that invites people to build friendships, push themselves, experience their surroundings, and have fun. Beginning with just two locations in 2014, Questivals have now spread to more than 60 cities around the country.



Cotopaxi is looking for a user experience consultant or group to audit and make recommendations on our 24-hr. Questival race. The project entails a full audit of customer touchpoints, an analysis of the rules and procedures of the race, and observations of the digital and on-the-ground Questival experiences.



  • Participate in a Questival
  • Attend Questivals in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier markets to understand the needs and weaknesses in each area
  • Map the entire Questival customer journey
  • Provide a detailed SWOT analysis of the race, and give suggestions for improvement in the following areas:
    • Race design, rules, and messaging
    • Race marketing
    • App design and digital experience
    • On-site design and experience


Touchpoints to review

  • Rules, procedures, and judging of the race
  • Pre-purchase messaging - Website, emails, web and print ads/flyers, videos, social media
  • Race messaging - Emails, race information packets, social media
  • Questival app design
  • Questival judging app design
  • Race experience - Challenge lists, check-in festival experience, post-race celebration, prizes
  • Participant feedback - NPS, surveys, social media
  • Retail experience - Website merchandise experience, event merchandise experience



  • September - Project kick-off and initial research
  • September-October - On-ground Questival audits/check-in’s with Cotopaxi
  • November - Project finalization
  • Mid-December - Final presentation and deliverables



    Please submit your initial proposal/pitch deck to us via Recruiterbox.