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What is Questival

Questival means getting out there and exploring the world around you. Here’s how it works.

Seven Steps to Questival

1. Recruit

Gather your team of 2–6 and download the app!

2. Download

Days before the race, download the challenge list.

3. Plan

As a team, decide what you want to do. With unique categories and tons of challenges, there’s something here for everyone.

4. Kick Off

The night of Questival, join us for a Kick-Off Festival!

5. Go Adventure

Spend 24 hours completing challenges and documenting them on the app.

6. Win

Earn badges, awards, and prizes as you complete challenges. Up to $6k in prizes offered at each event!

7. Celebrate

Join us at the finish line to bask in your triumph.

Get Out There

With Questival, there’s always something new to discover. Catch a glimpse of what makes Questival special.

What Makes Questival Awesome

Quality Time

Spend one amazing night and one distraction-free day with your favorite people.


Questival is about exploring your city and the wild spaces around it. Even if you know every nook and cranny of town, we guarantee you’ll find something new here.

Do Good. Donate. Serve.

Each Questival gives you opportunities to make the world better.

App That

Use the app to complete challenges and show your stuff.

Free Backpack

Each team member gets a free Luzon Daypack with their ticket. Finisher medals for each participant.


Up to $6K in giveaways per event. 20+ prize-winning teams per event

What you're saying

We had the BEST time! Probably the best race I've ever been in!

We became better friends, had experiences we'll never forget, a million laughs, even more stories, did things we never thought we'd do, met some really cool people along the way...I can't say enough good things….Plus, we all received a RAD backpack...comfortable, spacious and great looking….DO THIS RACE! You won't regret it.

Jill K.

An AMAZING way to experience your city.

I have lived in San Francisco for about 3 years now and there were things that I did during Questival that I have not had the chance to do before. I learned so much about my city and experienced things that I will remember forever! I would recommend this adventure for anyone new and old to a city, anyone who has an open mind, and anyone who can get stoked for seeing others who are stoked on the idea of adventuring in your city!


So. Much. Fun.

I had an absolute BLAST taking part in Questival! Props to Cotopaxi and everyone who helped to make Questival what it is--a chance to see my city and state in a different way and to connect with both friends and strangers alike. All of the folks making Questival happen were kind, friendly, and helpful and their energy was palpable throughout the event. If you can't figure out a way to have fun during Questival then you probably aren't doing life right. Thanks for putting on an amazing weekend!


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