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Before you begin your 24 hours of Questival we would like to explain the Questival App and how judging works.

  • Home Page Icon: On the home screen you will see your team ranking. The bottom of the home screen has two links which take you out of the app to webpages where you can see all of your team's content, and the content of all the other teams.

  • Challenge List Icon: The challenges are organized into categories, at the top of the Challenge List Icon page is a search function where you can type in key words to find specific challenges. All challenges require you to have your totem in the submission, (unless the challenge specifically says otherwise). Icons on the right will indicate whether a photo or video, (or sometimes either) is required for the challenge. **TIP** you can record your videos/photos outside of the app and upload them later, this is a good way to navigate app issues should you encounter them.

  • Peer Judging Icon: The Peer Judging icon is where you will see other teams submissions. You can either swipe LEFT or RIGHT to see the next submission. LEFT swipes means you liked that persons challenge but it didn't blow your hair back. RIGHT swipes mean you thought it was "llamazing!".

Example: If you see a teams submission that makes you think, "we should of done that"... RIGHT swipe them!

The ratio of right and left swipes you get determines your PEER SCORE . The more right swipes you get the higher your peer score. Spoiler: The winner will be one of the 10 teams with the most points, AND the highest Peer Score. This means that you should be shooting for quantity of points, (to get in the top 10) and quality of posts, to have the highest peer score.

If you see a submission that does not fulfill the challenge, doesn't have a totem OR you can tell they are cheating, FLAG that submission by clicking on the flag icon on the upper left corner.

Keep in mind that we can see what you're doing on the back end, if your team is only left swiping or flagging everyone, we will start docking you points. Additionally, teams that decide to cut corners and submit a huge quantity of challenges that aren't executed correctly sill be docked additional points as well. •

  • Notification Icon: Throughout the Questival we will send you push notifications with information regarding the race. Under this icon you can see all of the push notifications we sent you. *

Final Thoughts: At 7:00 pm on Saturday the App will no longer let you submit challenges, you will then have 24 hours to judge and/or flag other team's posts. After that Questival Staff will have a few days to go through all the flags and check all of the top team's submissions.

It is your team's responsibility to make it obvious that you completed the challenge. There may be some cases in which your team completes a challenge correctly, but it is difficult for us to tell because of the lighting or how the challenge was filmed. If it is not obvious to us that the challenge was completed correctly your team will not receive points even if you technically accomplished the challenge. Please anticipate and prepare for these types of situations.

The phrase "Do Good" is printed on your totem, so please don't act like a bunch of dinguses. There are ways to do the challenges that are fun and inclusive and allows you to make new friends, and there are ways to them that are disruptive and alienate others and get us in trouble. Please shoot for the former and remember that we'll be representing Cotopaxi as we're running around and doing these challenges. 

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