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We want to thank you all for coming out to Questival Boise. We hope you had a llamazing time exploring your awesome city and beautiful state. With that being said, the votes are in. The top ten teams are:

1. #DasWinnerSchnitzel
2. Southfork Posse
3. Idahroamers
4. Payette Pistoleros
5. Barack's Ollamas
6. Boise Babes
7. Poundtown
8.'Mama Llamas and Their Studs
9. Altruistic Alpacas
10. Bar Fit Babes 2

View all the teams here.

The following teams are winners of the Prize Challenge: 

Choreograph a team dance and perform it with audible music in a crowded area. : platypi

Dance on the ceiling, I don't care how just figure it out Lionel Richie did it so you should too.: FIT Impact

Make a 15 second commercial for Boise.: Sparkle unicorn drjl

Have two team members dress up as your parents, and recreate a pivotal moment from your childhood. Dig deep.: Llamasaurus Rex

Video of a team member slam dunking a basketball on a regulation hoop (if you're short get creative).: Potato Potato

Create a piece of chalk art (see link example, do something original) on a public walkway somewhere in The Treasure Valley: 
Alpaca the Beer

Film a funny spit-take video with your team: The Spitting Llamas

Congeniality AwardCoddiwomple

See some of our favorite submissions.

Prize winners will receive an e-mail within 7 days with more information.

International Rescue Committee

Thanks to Questival Boise participants, over $2,151.00 was raised for the International Rescue Committee. Your messages of hope were inspiring, and we are looking forward to weaving them together with other Questival participants pledges this Giving Tuesday! If you’d like to learn more about our partnership and how you can get involved, visit

We love you, and can't wait to return. Contact us at if you have any questions, comments, or good llama jokes! We hope to hear from you soon. 


Thanks for entering!