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15 HRS 5 MINS 59 SEC

June 21 is the longest day of sunshine. 15 hours, 5 minutes, and 59 seconds at our Salt Lake City headquarters. Let’s seize the día and exchange the screens for some much-needed vitamin D.

Need an Excuse?

Say no more. Download one of these notes and give it to your boss. Let the words work their magic, then join us outside!

Catch us on the flipside

We're closing our office, warehouse, and retail store, so join us and take advantage of every millisecond of sol.

CLIMBING: Get vertical. Trad or sport, lead or follow. Any climb is better than no climb at all. Tackle a boulder problem to forget your daily ones.

HIKING: Ditch the asphalt. Hit an unfamiliar trailhead. Go backpacking, or take a short day hike. Either way, you'll be glad you got out.

SERVICE: Plant a tree. Visit a soup kitchen. Donate to charity. Whether you decide to serve indoors or out, we guarantee you'll feel warm inside.

CYCLING: Blast down a trail or hammer your quads on a road ride. Spin your wheels—in a good way.

RUNNING: Move those legs. We don't care what the gym rats say—running outside beats the treadmill every time. Trail running is just what the Dr. Llama ordered.

WATER SPORTS: Run the river. Swim. Surf. Wakeboard. Kayak. Ski. Water takes up 71% of the earth’s surface, so make it 71% of your day.


Follow along on Instagram @cotopaxi. And #seizethedia all day long!