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Vote For Good

This November 3rd, make your voice heard.

We the people of Cotopaxi believe that democracy matters. And for democracy to work and work fairly, we all need to get informed, show up, and vote. In this spirit, we are providing a grant to HeadCount, a nonpartisan organization committed to increasing voter turnout.

During the next month, when you submit an order, pledge to vote and we’ll send you an awesome limited-edition sticker*.

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* While supplies last.

Committed to vote?
Follow these easy steps:


If you haven’t already, register to vote. And do so right now! Deadlines are fast approaching. If you think you are registered, go ahead and check your voter status.


Become informed about the issues that will be on your voter's ballot, like approaches to climate change, foreign policy, and economic planning.


Vote! Either by mail or in person. If you plan to vote in person, learn where your nearest polling station is located, and remember to wear your mask.


Sign up to volunteer to help with polling. The country needs all our help to make sure everyone who chooses to vote in person on Election Day can do so safely. This year, there is a shortage of poll workers due to the coronavirus.