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Why It's Different

1% of revenue from this purchase goes to support the Cotopaxi Foundation, our nonprofit dedicated to poverty alleviation in the poorest regions of the world. Learn more.

About This Product


“Essential” is often overused and becoming increasingly diluted today, but one travel item we’d argue doesn’t escape this word’s definition is the humble headlamp. Hands-free lighting is a must when our activities take place in the sun’s absence. Compact, lightweight, and USB-rechargeable, our Claro boasts 170 lumens that do just that, lighting up your pre-dawn trail runs, stretching-past-dusk hikes, and everything in between.


  • Lumens: 170
  • Beam Type: Spotlight/Floodlight
  • Max Distance: 50m
  • Max Burn Time: 20h
  • Batteries: USB-Rechargeable Lithium Ion


  • Weight: 2.12oz (60g)

Behind The Design

Our Giving Model

Giving is core to who we are. We tie our earnings to impact by allocating 1% of annual revenues to the Cotopaxi Foundation, which then distributes multi-year grants to thoroughly vetted nonprofit organizations who focus on improving the human condition and fighting extreme poverty. Since 2014, we have helped our impact partners reach an estimated 3 million people in extreme poverty through traceable and valid means.

Certified B Corp

Cotopaxi is B Corp Certified. This means we have passed rigorous standards of ethical conduct. Learn more about B Corp.

Behind The Design

Designing For Sustainability

Impact starts with how we make our products. That means taking ethics into account during every phase of a product’s lifecycle—from its design to its manufacture and sale. Designing for sustainability is our priority, and we aim to create products you’ll wear for years to come. As part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, we have the tools to audit our suppliers to the highest standard. Beyond agreeing to our rigorous code of conduct—which protects workers and insists on fair wages—all of our suppliers are dedicated to best-in-class practices across the board.

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