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April 23-24 | US Event

Cotopaxi x HOKA® Questival

Chase the Bright Side

The Cotopaxi x HOKA® Questival is a 24-hour adventure race where teams of two to six friends team up to complete COVID-responsible, community-oriented challenges that push them to explore the unknown in their city and the wild spaces around it. An experience like no other, this unique collab Questival is all about getting on your feet and relishing the kaleidoscopic wonders of our great planet. Now is your chance to Chase the Bright Side.

How to Chase the Bright Side

During this Questival, complete challenges inspired by our collaboration at home, in your community, and in the great outdoors. This is your chance to channel the spirit of the year’s brightest season for a totally personal and authentic adventure, all in the company of the people you love most. Ready? Here’s how you do it:

Step 1

Team Up

Recruit your friends (up to six people per team) and come up with a unique team name (inside jokes welcome!). Think team costumes, chants, and temporary tattoos—your options are endless. Make sure everyone registers as part of your team.

Step 2

Get the App

Download the free Questival app and make sure your teammates do, too. Poke around and familiarize yourself with all the tabs. The app is how you’ll prove you accomplished challenges and react to others’ posts. *All ticket sales are final.

Step 3

Plan Your Adventure

One week before Questival begins, you’ll receive the pre-race challenge list, which is a set of extra challenges that are optional to complete for extra points before Questival officially starts. In partnership with REI, HOKA’s Field Team is hosting virtual or in-person (COVID-safe) trail cleanup events in select cities that we would love to have you join. On April 22nd, we’ll release the official challenge list so you can make your plan!

Step 4

Complete Challenges

Once the event begins, you have 24 hours to complete as many challenges as possible across five categories. The more challenges you explore, the more points (and fun!) you’ll have.

Step 5

Stay Safe!

Did we mention we’re in COVID times? Yeah, definitely still a thing. So only team up with your close circle, wear your mask, maintain a safe distance from those around you, and obey your local COVID laws. You can even form a team virtually and compete with friends in other locations, so you can complete challenges individually and in a more socially-distanced way. We’re all about staying safe and being good citizens!

Step 6

Share the Llama Love

Throughout Questival, use the app to react to other teams’ successes and to celebrate your own. A mixture of challenges completed and likes received determines your final rank. But Questival’s not really about winning or losing now, is it?



Prizes always make for a good time, especially when Cotopaxi, HOKA, and REI are involved. Let us assure you, with this Questival’s booty, you’ll be sitting pretty. Each team member on the top 5 teams will receive the prizes below.

Grand Prize Team

$300 in gear from Cotopaxi
$200 in gear from HOKA
1 REI Flexlite Camp Chair

4 Runner Up Teams

$100 in gear from Cotopaxi
$100 in gear from HOKA

Event Timeline

Once you've registered, here’s how the week leading up to Questival will shape up.

Tuesday, March 30

HOKA x Cotopaxi Trail Events begin (This is a pre-race Questival Challenge)

Friday, April 16

Pre-race challenge list is released

Thursday, April 22

Final challenge list is released

Friday, April 23

5:00 PM MST Questival Kickoff
Questival officially begins!

1am-4am: App shuts off so that you (and our developers!) can get some shuteye

Saturday, April 24

5:00 PM MST Race ends

Sunday, April 25

5:00 PM MST  Deadline to react to other teams' posts (and earn extra points by doing so!)

NOTE: Because your Questival score is based on a combination of the number of challenges completed and the number of upvotes you receive, your overall rank will fluctuate even after the race is finished.

Monday, April 26

Questival winners announced via email and social media

Friday, April 30

We’ll announce the specifics of our grant to Big City Mountaineers (made possible through your participation in Questival!)



HOKA ONE ONE® is one of the fastest-growing performance footwear and apparel brands in history. Conceived in the mountains, HOKA footwear delivers an unprecedented combination of enhanced cushioning and support for a uniquely smooth ride. Every day, HOKA pushes the innovation and design of its footwear and apparel by teaming up with a deep roster of world champions, taste makers and everyday athletes. From finish lines to everyday life, HOKA fans love the brand for its bold and unexpected approach, and its belief in the power of humanity to create change for a better world. HOKA empowers a world of athletes to fly over the Earth. For more information, visit or follow @hokaoneone. #TimeToFly

Adventure to Give Back

Our two brands have come together to celebrate fresh starts, colorful horizons, and the power of giving back. Proceeds from HOKA x Cotopaxi products and Questival will help create a grant for Big City Mountaineers: an organization harnessing the transformative power of the outdoors to have a lasting impact on under-resourced youth, bringing them out of their comfort zones and into the wild, where they develop the confidence needed for more promising futures. You can learn more about BCM and their mission at


Questival is an epic, fast-paced 24-hour adventure race, so we know there are lots of details along the way that you have to keep track of. These Q&A's will help you make sense of any murky waters.

How long is the Questival Race?

The race goes from 5:00 PM MST on Friday, April 23 to 5:00 PM MST on Saturday, April 24. (Make sure you figure out what time that corresponds to in your neck of the woods.)

24 Hours?! That's a long time.

Nah, it will go fast! We want to give you time to complete as many challenges as you can. That said, don’t sweat it if you have to take care of some everyday things on the big day. And please remember that you’re still going to need to rest and sleep (at least a little!).

What is the kick-off and do I have to tune in?

We're going to do a live welcome and Questival kick-off at 5:00 PM MST on Instagram (@cotopaxi). We'd love to have you join us for a few welcome words. It isn't required, but you'll earn challenge points.

What kinds of challenges does Questival have?

Lots! Over 200 challenges across five different categories, to be exact. Two categories include challenges that embody the spirit of Cotopaxi and that of our partner HOKA (Do Good and Time to Fly™). A third category, Opt Outside, embodies the spirit of REI, our exclusive retail partner for the HOKA x Cotopaxi collab. A fourth category, Chase the Bright Side, is a fun and colorful reflection of our collaboration with HOKA. Finally, our Wild Card category is all about surprise challenges. So, from baking cakes and painting nails to taking Llama selfies, hitting the trails, and giving back to your local community, our Chase the Bright Side Questival challenges will provide you with 24 action-packed hours of fun.

What is the HOKA x Cotopaxi Trail Event pre-race challenge?

HOKA is hosting pre-race trail cleanups in select cities around the US to encourage participants to give back to their communities in a COVID-responsible way. Technically a pre-race challenge, when you help clean up a trail, you’ll also receive Questival points. Visit the Trail Event page to learn more and sign up.

Who pays for us to complete the challenges?

You and your team will need to cover any additional costs that your chosen challenges necessitate.

You and your team will need to cover any additional costs that your chosen challenges necessitate.

Don’t you worry. Everyone is eligible to complete this pre-race challenge. Even if there isn't an official HOKA trail cleanup in your city, you can still get out and clean up your local trail to earn the same number of points! Just follow the instructions for this pre-race challenge to complete it. That said, if you live in one of the HOKA trail cleanup cities, we would love to have you join us. Sign up here, and don’t forget to bring your mask!

Who benefits from the proceeds of this race?

An incredible nonprofit called Big City Mountaineers. BCM harnesses the transformative powers of the great outdoors to have a lasting impact on under-resourced youth. You can feel good about your Questival ticket or HOKA x Cotopaxi collab purchase, because it will support BCM in their efforts to get more kids out of their comfort zones and into the wild.