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April 10th | TBD

Salt Lake City

Prepare for Lift-Off

Cotopaxi’s Questival is a 24-hour fall adventure race where teams of 2-6 explore the unknown in their city and the spaces around it. With 24 hours and 200+ challenges there are countless chances for adventure from Park City to the Salt Flats and beyond. After the 24 hours join us at the finish line to collect your finisher medal, hang out with other teams and, if you’re lucky, collect a prize.

This is Questival

Watch a quick explainer video about what makes Questival great.

What you get

What you get


Teams compete to win trips, gear, and more. Each race offers up to $5,000 in prizes!

How it works

During Questival, you and your teammates embark on a totally personal and authentic adventure, all within a lively festival environment.

  • 01 Reqruit

    Gather your team (up to six people) and come up with a ridiculously amazing team name. Team costumes are totally encouraged. Team chants make us swoon. Make sure everyone registers as part of your team.

  • 02 Download

    Get the free Questival app and make sure your teammates do, too. Poke around and familiarize yourself with all the tabs. The app is how you'll prove you accomplished challenges, how you’ll vote for challenges completed by you and other participants, and how you’ll stay in the loop on all things Questival.

  • 03 Plan your experience
    Plan your experience

    Days before Questival begins, you’ll receive the challenge list. As a team, decide what you want to do. With unique categories and tons of interesting challenges to complete, there’s something here for everyone.

  • 04 Kick-off

    On the evening of Questival, come check-in, pick up your Luzon pack and other race materials, and complete challenges with other teams.

  • 05 Get out there
    Get out there

    Spend the next 24 hours completing challenges in a broad range of categories and documenting them on the app. The more categories you explore, the more opportunities you have to win awards and prizes.

  • 06 Win!

    Earn badges, awards, and prizes as you complete challenges. Throughout Questival, use the app to react to other teams’ challenge successes and to celebrate your own. The more Llama Llove that’s shared, the more awards earned by everyone. (Plus, sharing the llove just makes you feel nice inside.) Up to $6k in prizes offered at each event!

  • 07 Celebrate

    Join us at the finish line to celebrate a job well done and to recognize prize winners. Trust us, after 24 hours, this’ll be the perfect conclusion to your epic journey.

Salt Lake City
General Info

Check—in Details

Location: TBD


Check in at the Launch Event.


Get your Team Flag and start your 24-hour countdown.


Get underway with the kickoff challenge. Once complete, go explore the unknown.


Check-in closes.


Location: TBD


Closing ceremony begins.


Raffle begins.


Questival comes to a close. Go celebrate! Go sleep!

RSVP to our Facebook Event Page to stay updated on event details, connect with other teams, and more.

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