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June 21 | Virtual Event

Seize the Dia

Prepare for Lift-Off

With at least 13 hours of sunlight, June 21st is the best day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere for nonstop adventure. The sun is out, and we want you right out there with it. Make 2019 the year you and your crew Seize the Día. Hike, climb, bike, run, and/or serve your community. Register here to join us in catching some of those sweet, sweet rays.

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Seize the Dia
General Info

Event Details

Location: Worldwide. Everyone is welcome to participate in this free, virtual Questival.

Be a part of the Seize the Día community no matter where you are. Have an adventure. Get inspiration on how best to seize the día and submit photos/videos for the chance to win amazing prizes. Get the most out of the day with our help and follow along with others from around the globe!

If you’ve competed in Questival before, this one will be a little different. Not only is it free and open to everyone, it’s also only 12 hours long—as long as the summer solstice’s hours of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere.