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The Del Día Collection

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Made from 100% Repurposed Fabric

Vibrant, one-of-a-kind colorways designed from 100% repurposed fabrics.

Guaranteed for Good™

If there’s a problem with your gear, we’ll happily repair it, return it for a full refund, or reward you for trading it in.

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Creative Sewers, Many Colors

Creative Sewers, Many Colors

Del Día packs are the product of many hands. But whether the pack features aquamarine blue, deep purple or ruby red—that’s up to the sewer. They put together the funky color combos that make each pack distinct, giving them final creative control over every Del Día backpack, satchel, and fanny pack.

Making Leftovers Shine

Making Leftovers Shine

All products in our (Re)Purpose™ Collection use repurposed fabric—fabric left over from other companies’ production runs that was originally created for another purpose. We know that leftovers don’t have to be lesser, and our Del Día packs are proof.

The Origin Story

The Origin Story

Our design team wanted to create products to help empower factory workers as makers. Then we had a bright idea, literally. Not only would using remnant fabric be better for Mother Earth, it would also give factory workers more creative control. They could create one-of-a-kind colorways from the vibrant, leftover fabric—each color combo the unique signature of an indispensable maker.