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Introducing a group of mentors, humanitarians, environmentalists, creators, artists, athletes, and community leaders

We celebrate the passion, stories, advocacy, and Do Good efforts of our 2024 ambassadors. Our impact ambassadors are an extension of our brand through their advocacy work and their impact within communities. We also partner with ambassadors who preserve and evolve culture, from arts, language, music, and food to sport and travel. Through these cultural pathways, we’re empowered to learn more about each other and form powerful connections.

Cliff Kapono

Cliff Kapono, PhD

Professional Surfer & Chemist

Cliff is a scientist, professor, and surfer who believes in the power of science outside the classroom. He's helped produce several award-winning films on Indigenous activism, ocean conservation, and global food security.

"Eo. I’m a surfer and scientist with a passion for elevating scientific literacy. By splitting my time between the waves and the lab, I’m constantly learning new ways to do better by my community.

Although education is important, getting a PhD isn’t the only way to use science in our daily routine. Like surfing, I truly believe that science is for everyone and has the power to improve everyone’s life, no matter what walk of life we choose. I’m currently based in Hawaii and when I’m not tinkering in the MEGA Lab, you can catch me chasing the best waves on the planet."

Vanessa Chavarriaga Posada

Vanessa Chavarriaga Posada

Professional Athlete, Environmental Sociologist & DEI Advocate

As a Colombian immigrant and woman of color, Vanessa recognizes the systemic barriers that purposefully keep BIPOC out of outdoor spaces. Taking up space in the outdoor community feels revolutionary.

"Buenas! I explore the intersections of race, identity, and nature through sport and writing. I believe that everybody belongs outside; access to movement is a basic human right. I did not grow up with access to the outdoors and am now working hard to build access for myself and my communities. The stories we tell and the spaces we build create the larger culture we live in.

When I am ski mountaineering, ultra trail running, public speaking, or writing, I am telling my own story: one in which we are all welcome."

Mario Ordoñez-Calderón

Mario Ordoñez-Calderón

Navy Veteran, Indigenous Mayan & Outdoor Enthusiast

Mario opens the door to underprivileged children in his community by providing tools and resources that help them build confidence, create opportunity, take risks, and rise to challenges.

"Ba'ax ka wa'alik, I’m inspired by humans' symbiotic relationship with nature. My “work” resides at the convergence of coastlines, humanity, and cultural landscapes, where I critically assess the possibilities for coastal resilience through environmental equity. I have the honor of serving as the Executive Director of Un Mar De Colores a 501c3 NGO whose mission is to inspire inclusivity and celebrate diversity through surf therapy, environmental education, and long term mentorship to underserved youth. When I’m not “in the office” you can find me spending time outside in nature with my girlfriend, dog, and friends!"

Samia Finnerty

Samia Finnerty

Musical Artist & Singer-songwriter

Samia has released two acclaimed albums: The Baby in 2020 and Honey in 2023. Rolling Stone magazine has said, "Samia has cemented herself as one of indie rock’s most poignant and brazen songwriters.” She has headlined clubs throughout the world and toured as a support act for Maggie Rogers, Sylvan Esso, Boy Genius, and this coming summer, with Bleachers. Samia has appeared at major festivals such as Outside Lands, Austin City Limits, All Things Go, and End of the Road.

"I'm a songwriter and a fan of babbling brooks. I feel fortunate to be part of an incredible music community and I want to give as much as I can towards supporting and growing with them."

Kyle Stepp

Bryan Voltaggio

Chef, Advocacy Chef’s Cycle for No Kid Hungry

Bryan Voltaggio is renowned for his culinary brilliance and commitment to philanthropy. Alongside his culinary pursuits, he embraces a multifaceted life, delving into farming and recently earning his private pilot's license. His dedication to social causes is exemplified through his steadfast support of No Kid Hungry’s Chefs Cycle, wherein he collaborates with other culinary leaders to combat childhood hunger.

Bryan's journey with No Kid Hungry began in 2004, when he started hosting fundraising dinners in Washington, D.C. with his mentor Charlie Palmer. He emphasizes the importance of setting and achieving tangible goals, particularly in addressing childhood hunger in America.

Bryan also prioritizes family life with his wife, Jennifer, and their three children at their home in Frederick, MD. With his culinary prowess and philanthropic efforts, Chef Bryan Voltaggio remains a driving force in shaping the culinary landscape while advocating for a hunger-free future for children.

Jhánneu Roberts

Jhánneu Roberts

Sustainability Expert & Speaker

"My name is Jhánneu and I believe sustainable living should take a holistic approach and be accessible to everyone.

I love sharing tips on how to incorporate sustainable practices into your everyday life. Whether I'm traveling to a new country to explore their sustainable practices or composting at home, my goal is to show that anyone can make steps towards taking care of our beautiful planet. Originally from the south side of Chicago, I wanted to make a difference in communities like mine, but didn't know where to start. After receiving a degree in theater, I found a way to combine my passion for media and protecting our planet."

Rocío Villalobos

Rocío Villalobos (she/her/ella)

Community Organizer & Trail Runner

Rocío is a trail and ultra runner who's been organizing in her community since she was 18 years old. She believes that the people closest to the problem are closest to the solutions.

"Hello! I am the proud daughter of migrants and a Xicana Indigenous woman who wears many hats. I started doing community organizing as a young college student because of environmental racism in my community. That ultimately influenced the trajectory of my life, one that veered toward justice, equity, and using my voice to raise awareness about issues.

For my day job, I work for my city's Equity Office and focus on supporting our city's immigrant communities. I am also the co-founder of a running and wellness group called Indigenous Movement Crew, which seeks to redefine wellness as something that happens collectively and in community. We're stronger when we're grounded in history and feel connected to a larger purpose. To me, that's the power of community organizing: It gives me a sense of radical hope and helps me believe we can do the impossible."

Albert Lin Ph.D.

Albert Lin Ph.D.

Explorer, Storyteller & Innovator

Albert Lin is a modern-day high-tech explorer, blurring the boundaries between man and machine while redefining how we explore our own humanity through advanced technologies, open-minded curiosity, and powerful storytelling.

"Hi!, I’m a National Geographic Explorer who has spent nearly two decades searching for stories of the human experience. I’m on a never-ending personal quest of self discovery through a technology-enabled approach that merges science with adventure. I’m known for using tools like Lidar (laser mapping), ground-penetrating radar, and satellite imaging to reveal lost natural worlds and ancient human sites hidden just beneath the undergrowth. This work has taken me to the most remote corners of the planet, on adventures that have instilled in me a deep sense of awe that I’ve tried to capture through documentaries and award-winning TV series that I’ve produced and hosted on Nat Geo, Disney, Hulu, and elsewhere.

Most importantly, beyond the physical discoveries of lost temples, cities, and tombs, I have found that we hold certain superpowers in our human mind (namely, imagination) that allow us to create the worlds that we then step into. This realization came from years of travel around the globe and through time looking at the remains of past civilizations, but also by reflecting on the many critical personal moments in my life where imagination meant everything. Whether I’m exploring ancient tombs, modern technology, Indigenous rituals, flow states, plant medicines, human kindness, or human consciousness, exploration for me is ultimately a state of mind."

Diandra Marizet Esparza

Diandra Marizet Esparza

Cultural Researcher & Environmental Justice Leader

Diandra Marizet Esparza is a cultural researcher, organizer, and Spanglish poet who serves as an environmental justice leader through her work building Intersectional Environmentalist, a nonprofit increasing awareness and access to education about intersectional environmentalism and driving support toward grassroots environmental justice efforts.

"Ayy! As an environmentalist, I study human connection to nature to help people identify culture as a beautiful expression of our relationship to land through history, art, and storytelling. I have a background in fashion, roots in the Southwest, and a long-time love of outdoor adventure. The spaces and works I create are designed to serve as intergenerational healing tools to strengthen community and foster the next generation of intersectional environmentalists."

Hanna Thornton

Hanna Thornton

Nutritionist, MScN

"Heya, I'm Hanna! Born and raised in Southern California. I live and breathe everything California has to offer—beautiful trail runs, fun waves on my longboard, miles and miles of winding roads to explore up the coast.

In addition to being a content creator, I’m also a nutritionist and I love to empower individuals to harness the transformative potential of nutrition and lifestyle modifications for optimal health and wellbeing. My favorite days are those spent under the California sun playing with my pet ducks in the garden."

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