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Do Good Ambassadors

Introducing a group of mentors, humanitarians, environmentalists, creators, and community leaders.

We celebrate their passions, stories, advocacies, and efforts to Do Good. Our impact ambassadors are an extension of our brand and our mission to harness the power of adventure to make the world a better place.

Leah Thomas

Leah Thomas

Author, Climate Optimist & Environmental Justice Advocate

Leah believes education is a right we all should have, and that by removing economical, social, and environmental barriers, we can improve people's lives.

"Hi! I'm passionate about exploring the relationship between identity, climate, and culture, while infusing diversity and inclusion into environmental storytelling.

I believe it's important to consider social justice within environmental movements, education, and policy to ensure all people and planet are protected equally. To that end, I founded the nonprofit Intersectional Environmentalist (IE) alongside an incredible women-of-color lead team."

Cliff Kapono

Cliff Kapono, PhD

Professional Surfer & Chemist

Cliff is a scientist, professor, and surfer who believes in the power of science outside the classroom. He's helped produce several award-winning films on Indigenous activism, ocean conservation, and global food security.

"Eo. I’m a surfer and scientist with a passion for elevating scientific literacy. By splitting my time between the waves and the lab, I’m constantly learning new ways to do better by my community.

Although education is important, getting a PhD isn’t the only way to use science in our daily routine. Like surfing, I truly believe that science is for everyone and has the power to improve everyone’s life, no matter what walk of life we choose. I’m currently based in Hawaii and when I’m not tinkering in the MEGA Lab, you can catch me chasing the best waves on the planet."

Tommy Corey

Tommy Corey (he/ him)

Artist & Photographer

Tommy harnesses his art and photography for good. The project he's currently bringing to life celebrates people’s vulnerabilities and one-of-a-kind nature.

"Hey! I am an LGBTQ+ Mexican-American outdoor photographer and artist focused on showcasing diversity and inclusion in the outdoors.

Inspired by my personal journey and experiences, I started a project called All Humans Outside, a photo-documentary of 100 different people from all different sectors of the outdoors. My goal is to show not just the diversity in people, but also the diverse ways that people connect to Mother Nature, find belonging, and create community."

Maria Nuñez

Maria Nuñez aka "Cotezi"

Thru-hiker, Mentor & Content Creator

Maria believes less is more. By stripping away the things we want and living just with the things she needs, she's discovered a deeper connection to humankind and the environment.

"Hello! Some people call me “Dirty Avocado” and I love long walks on the dirt. In 2017, I hiked from Mexico to Canada for five months on the Pacific Crest Trail and have been addicted to thru-hiking ever since.

Thru-hiking has brought me to some incredible places, while revealing a strength in me I didn't even know I had. The freedom that comes from living simply out of a backpack for months is empowering—that’s what keeps me going back season after season. The outdoors is where I feel most alive, and I really enjoy inspiring others—especially women—to chase that feeling. This year, you can catch me on the Continental Divide Trail as I attempt to hike over 3,000 miles from Mexico to Canada again."

Mario Ordoñez-Calderón

Mario Ordoñez-Calderón

Navy Veteran, Indigenous Mayan, Physical Therapy Assistant & Outdoor Enthusiast

Mario opens the door to underprivileged children in his community by providing tools and resources that help them build confidence, create opportunity, take risks, and rise to challenges.

"Hola! I’m inspired by humans' symbiotic relationship with nature. The mountains and oceans give us clarity, calm, and connection, and I believe it's our duty to protect and honor them. That notion sparked the genesis of Un Mar De Colores (An Ocean of Colors). I co-founded this nonprofit to inspire inclusivity and celebrate diversity through surf therapy for children of color and/or underserved youth. Un Mar teaches youth from North County in San Diego the importance of protecting our coastal watersheds, oceans, and marine life, while simultaneously building courage and young adults through the art of wave riding."

Kyle Stepp

Kyle Stepp

Para Triathlete, Community Leader & Disability Rights Activist

Kyle is a social justice advocate for people with disabilities. Through his work with Cotopaxi's nonprofit partner ROMP, his personal experience shapes the work he does for others.

"Hi there! I'm a para athlete on the World Triathlon Para Series circuit, adaptive skier, and advocate for equitable healthcare, disability rights, and LGBTQ+ communities. I have always found healing and purpose through movement and the outdoors. After growing up in foster care, surviving stage IV bone cancer, and learning to adapt as an above-knee amputee following a mountain bike accident, I have committed to using my pain for a bigger purpose.

For over a decade, I’ve devoted my life to advocacy through my work with elected officials and organizations, including the Range of Motion Project, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Pelotonia, Equality New Mexico, Pediatric Oncology Camps, Amputee Coalition, the American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association. My passion for equitable access inspired me to help start a national mobility movement powered by local legislative change called 28x28. Our mission is to create equitable access to physical activity for people with disabilities by expanding coverage for sports prostheses and orthoses in 28 states by the 2028 Paralympics and Olympics in LA."

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