Human Sustainability

To prioritize sustainability for both people and planet, we strive to build gear that lasts, partner with factories aiming to respect and advance worker rights, and reduce our environmental impact. We’re also transparent about the work we still have to do, and about how we address the challenges we encounter.

Sustainably Minded Materials

We design our products to generate as little waste as possible. Today, 96% of our products are made with leftover deadstock, recycled, or certified responsible materials, and we’ll reach 100% in Fall 2024. We’re actively working to find more ways to limit our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce waste.



Deadstock is leftover high-quality fabric unused by the original manufacturer or retailer. On average, a product made with deadstock has an estimated 30% smaller carbon footprint than if it were made with new fabric. We use deadstock in our Del Día and Teca Collections.



When we prioritize recycled materials rather than new (or virgin) materials in our designs, we limit our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce landfill usage. Our Teca Cálido Jackets, several of our fleece, our Cada Día bags, our Capa jackets, and our activewear all contain recycled materials.



We define "responsible" as a material, supplier, or product with a third-party sustainability designation, like Fair Trade Certified™ or bluesign approved. We use cruelty-free Responsible Down Standard-certified insulation in all our down jackets, and most of our logowear and hats are made in a Fair Trade Certified™ facility.

Give Good Gear More Life

As part of our Gear For Good® promise to make durable gear as ethically and sustainably as possible, Cotopaxi Más Vida lets you buy or trade in used gear & apparel. Our goal is to minimize waste and promote sustainability for generations to come.

Ethical Sourcing

Our Net Zero Commitment

To do our part to mitigate our impact on climate change, we maintain a carbon intensity score of <1% of our net revenue, indicating that our business model causes minimal harm to the environment. We aim to maintain this score throughout our growth. To reduce our carbon footprint, our Science Based Target initiative goals are: 1) Reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions 42% below 2022 levels by 2030; 2) Reduce absolute scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions 90% below 2022 levels by 2045.

Ethical Sourcing

We’re proud to partner with factories that agree to rigorous codes of conduct, promote fair labor practices, and commit to the following: 

Following the UN Global Compact and Principles of Responsible Business

Conducting annual audits and anonymous supplier surveys

Adopting the principles of Ethical Trading Initiative’s Better Buying Guide

Working with more Fair Trade Certified™ partners to better the lives of workers, and support the communities where suppliers are based

Implementing a standard Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Manufacturing Partners

Meet some of our primary manufacturing partners.

Do Good

Support Our Mission

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Our PFAS Commitment

By 2025, we are working toward eliminating all intentionally added PFAS from Cotopaxi’s new products. While there’s not yet an industry-wide standard to follow, we are fully committed to addressing PFAS to achieve our mission of creating responsibly made outdoor gear.

Our Next Steps

Since Spring 2024, 100% of our new apparel and packs (excluding Del Día) are free from intentionally added PFAS. And almost all new Del Día products—which are more complex to address since they use deadstock fabric—will be made free from intentionally added PFAS by Fall 2024. We are diligently working to test and document our deadstock sources to achieve this goal.

We have also introduced independent secondary testing of trims and materials to ensure no intentionally added PFAS enter our product collections. As we develop more water-repellant products, we’re collaborating with mills, testing labs, and other organizations to achieve product performance without added PFAS.

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