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People-First Sustainability

Sustainability means acting ethically during every phase of a product’s lifecycle. We take a people-first approach to sustainability, focusing on how factories treat their employees and taking steps to resolve supply chain problems when they arise. Additionally, we’re committed to creating all our products using repurposed, recycled, and responsible materials by 2025.

Sustainable Ethics

We’re proud to source our products from factories around the globe. Each of our factory partners agrees to a rigorous code of conduct, completes an audit or relevant certification, and agrees to promote fair labor practices.

We have taken the following steps to ensure that human rights are maintained throughout our supply chain:

  • Committing to the UN Global Compact and Principles of Responsible Business
  • Conducting regular annual auditing and anonymous supplier surveys
  • Adopting the Ethical Trading Initiative’s Better Buying Guide
  • Providing grants directly to all workers in cut-and-sew factories to increase their well-being
  • Implementing a standard Code of Conduct
Backpacks & Bags

Bataan, Philippines

Known for producing best-in-class technical items, this factory partners with us in reducing fabric waste through our Del Día products. Here’s how Del Día works: the factory collects unused materials produced by other brands in its facilities, and we turn those scraps into backpacks.

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Insulation & Outerwear

Tianjin, China

An independently owned factory with progressive and thoughtful leadership, this facility produces our jackets and insulation pieces. Beyond developing excellent products with responsibly sourced (RDS certified) down, the factory’s owner, George Huan, prioritizes the well-being of his workers through a variety of programs that are not found among most competitors.

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Logowear & Tees

Chinnakarai, India

This Fair Trade Certified™ factory produces our organic cotton t-shirts. Beyond meeting the rigorous social and environmental Fair Trade Certified factory audit standards, this factory’s leadership supports many worker-led initiatives.

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Shanghai, China

All of our headwear comes from Shanghai and is made in the first Fair Trade Certified factory in China. One of the most advanced and largest headwear manufacturers in the world, this partner leverages their position to advocate for the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

With over 45 years of technical design and manufacturing experience, this factory is a subsidiary of one of the most well-respected activewear manufacturers in the world. It produces all of Cotopaxi’s athleisure products and is a leader in community impact and sustainability.

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What We Do When Problems Arise

As a single Benefit Corporation, we are limited in our ability to move the needle on global human rights. We strive to remain vigilant and honest about the challenges we face, and we’re committed to dealing with those issues quickly and transparently. We discuss our findings and how we’re addressing them in an impact report we release each year.

Sustainable Materials

We design our products to be as waste mitigating as possible. Currently, 94% of our products contain repurposed, recycled, or responsible materials—what we like to call the “Three R’s”). This focus on more eco-friendly inputs limits our dependence on fossil fuels and diminishes our waste outputs. By 2025, we hope to make all our products using at least one of these “Three R’s”.


All products in our (Re)Purpose™ Collection use remnant fabric—fabric left over from other companies’ larger production runs. That’s what makes our Del Día bags one of a kind, and our Teca product family limited-edition: We use high-quality, remnant nylon fabric originally intended for another purpose to create these products. Every repurposed product keeps unclaimed quality fabric out of the landfill.

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When we prioritize recycled fabrics in our design processes, it limits our dependence on fossil fuels as a source for raw materials and reduces landfill usage. Our Teca Cálido Jackets, our Amado, Abrazo, and Teca fleeces, and our activewear pieces contain recycled content.

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We’re constantly seeking new ways to design our products in a more sustainable way. We use RDS-certified down in all our down jackets, including our Fuego and Solazo products. The cotton in our tees and other logowear is 100% certified organic.

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Carbon Neutrality

We are Climate Neutral Certified. This means we have successfully measured our emissions and have purchased vetted and verified carbon offsets to become carbon neutral. It’s just one more step in our goal to make a big impact with as small a footprint as possible.

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Gear For Good™

We’re constantly looking to improve how we make our products. Our promise is that we’ll make the most durable gear we can in the most sustainable way we know how. And with our revenues, we’ll work tirelessly to lift people out of extreme poverty. In short, your product will last and will make a lasting impact.