Warranty & Repairs

Our Warranty Policy

We stand behind our products and our Guaranteed for Good™ promise to make gear that's as durable and sustainable as possible. If there's a problem with your gear, we'll make things right, while always keeping sustainability in mind.

We will replace any item that has been affected by a manufacturing defect for the lifetime of the product. A product’s lifetime is not an indefinite period of time—it's an estimate based on how well a product can realistically maintain its functionality. The way the product is used directly impacts the length of a product’s functional lifetime. Materials will deteriorate and fade over time, and moving parts, like zippers, buckles, snaps, and wheels will wear with use. This lifespan will be determined at the reasonable discretion of our Warranty & Repairs Team. Factors that will be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Type of product, material, and intended use
  • How it was used, and the nature of the issue
  • Age of product


What's Not Covered

  • Dirty or unwashed items. Please clean your item before sending it in or it will not be accepted
  • Pilling, abrasion, pinholes, or other cosmetic wear and tear that does not affect the function and performance of the product
  • Rips, punctures, and burns (e.g., from a campfire) caused in the field or from normal wear
  • Products that shrink or are damaged when laundered contrary to our care instructions
  • Damage resulting from animals (e.g., your dog chewed up your hip pack)
  • Accidental damage, including the use of sharp blades when opening packages
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged during personal trips or while traveling


Our Repair Program & Policy

We are proud to provide repair options for your damaged goods, even when it falls outside our warranty policy. We believe that repairing is an important aspect of Gear Stewardship, and it is a better choice for the environment than disposing of it before it has reached the end of its functional life. If you want basic fixes to restore your product's functionality and extend its life, please visit our FAQ page to learn more about the two "Types of Repairs" or get in touch with our team for assistance. For advanced and complex repairs, contact Rugged Thread, a women-led company known for their exceptional quality of workmanship.

I think my product is defective.

I need to get my product fixed.

I have a small rip or puncture and need a patch.

I no longer need this product, but it’s still in decent shape.

Warranty & Repairs FAQs

  • DIY Patches: Got small holes or tears? These can be permanently fixed with gear-specific patches. File a claim and we will happily get you started.
  • In-Store Assistance: Visit a Cotopaxi store, where our Retail Guides can perform minor fixes on-site, guide you through the process of getting the right patch, or help send your item to our Mama Llama for more complex repairs. Minor fixes include small tears and burns, as well as replacements for defective buckles, cord locks, and zipper pulls. Please call stores in advance to verify if they are open and can accept your repair.
  • Basic Repairs: Encompass a range of common fixes to restore functionality and prolong the lifespan of your gear. Our team will assess the damage and provide instructions on how and where to mail it in for repair.
    • This includes mending small tears, patching holes, restitching seams, replacing buckles/trims and fixing issues with minimal deconstruction.
  • Extensive Repairs: If your item needs extensive repairs involving significant deconstruction and reconstruction, we work with Rugged Thread to ensure high quality repairs. They will inspect your item and price the work for your approval before starting any work. Extensive repairs may include replacing zippers and sliders, rebuilding panels, or patching large areas of fabric for both apparel and gear.

To file a claim, you can do so online or in person at one of our Cotopaxi retail stores. If your claim is approved as a valid warranty, your product will be replaced with the same SKU. If your product has been updated, you will be sent the latest version. If your product is out of stock or has been discontinued, you will receive store credit for the current purchase price. We are unable to provide refunds to the original form of payment.

International customers, including those in Canada, should work with the retailer where the product was purchased to resolve any warranty claims. We will work with the retailer to determine the best path forward at our discretion, whether that’s a functional repair, replacement, or store credit due to depleted inventory. The average turnaround time is 2–6 weeks, depending on the amount of work we have.

Only original, unaltered, and unmodified items and workmanship are covered. Items customized through our group sales department are also eligible.

If the product was manufactured by another brand as part of a collab, all warranties will fall under their policy. Please check the respective brand's website for details.

All products sent in for Warranty or Repair must be clean. Unwashed products will be returned to you without a resolution of your claim. We cannot accept warranties or repairs for products shipped in from outside the United States.

Still have questions?

Contact Us and we’ll be happy to assist you with any inquiries you may have.