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Bold products. Big events. Better ways to help others.

Good Design
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Good Design

Those scraps of leftover fabric? We make gear with it. That old way of insulating jackets? We use llama fiber.

Good Design
  • “Will Cotopaxi change the world? It’s still way too early to tell. But I’m confident that Smith and his brand are clearly and traceably aiming to do good.”

  • “Elegant, smart, and as innovative as their business plan.”

  • “Cotopaxi is part of a wave of successful start-ups who are proving that fundamentally realigning the balance between profit and philanthropy can generate win-win relationships for everyone involved.”

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Good Paths

2% of our revenue goes to nonprofits around the world. From helping install irrigation pumps in Myanmar, to providing cancer screenings in Senegal, we’re committed to helping those 
in need.

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Our products are guaranteed to last 61 years—the average lifespan of a person living in the developing world.

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