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Our Tribute to Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi (pronounced koh-toh-PAHK-see) is far more than a destination for adventure. Revered by Quechuan people as a sacred peak among the Andes, the mountain inspires worship for its abundant wildlife and fertile land, as well as respect for its awesome power; it's not surprising to hear locals refer to it as "El Majestuoso." The mountain's role our founder's community sparked the inspiration for us to be a mission-first company—centering our impact in the Americas, with the ultimate aim of enabling prosperity for all peoples.

Our Commitment to Ecuador

Cotopaxi inspires us to champion Ecuador's natural beauty and native culture, and empower Ecuadorians with greater access to economic opportunities. Through the Cotopaxi Foundation, we're able to distribute 1% of our revenues in the form of targeted grants to nonprofit initiatives across the Americas, including Ecuador. The foundation board partners with native Ecuadorians to educate our team on local perspectives and assist in the determination of our nonprofit grantees. We're proud of the local initiatives and partners we are supporting, helping to create jobs, fight extreme poverty, and make space for the stories of Ecuadorians.

Fostering Local Business

We are committed to helping Ecuadorian ideas get off the ground by contributing to promising business ventures, supporting job growth and opportunity across the region.

Chain Collaborative

The Chain Collaborative

The Chain Collaborative (TCC) believes that sustainable change comes from local leadership. By identifying and empowering Change Leaders in coffee-growing regions, TCC aims to build more equitable communities that reap the benefits of their own business—like Alicia Roque Farms Coffee, one of the first projects funded by our Cotopaxi x TCC partnership.

Alicia Roque Farms

Alicia Roque Farms

Alicia Roque Farms is a small coffee farm operating in the coastal province of Manabí, Ecuador. Their strategic efforts to revive local coffee production include the development of a micro-processing center that will improve coffee quality, with the goal of returning higher incomes to producers, as well as other initiatives aimed at empowering their collective of growers—including education for women and children, potable water access, and food security.

Exploring Culture Through Stories

Much of Ecuador earns their livelihood through agricultural endeavors, including crop labor and trading their goods in markets as early as four in the morning. We think there is a lot to be learned from a culture so intimately connected to the earth, and we look forward to sharing more from Ecuador's unique perspective.

Fighting the Effects of Poverty

Since our founding, we've supported grassroots organizations addressing pressing challenges, including disease prevention, access to healthcare and education, and assistance for refugees.

United to Beat Malaria

United to Beat Malaria

Previously Nothing But Nets, United to Beat Malaria (UBM) is on a mission to eradicate malaria. As a campaign of the UN Foundation, UBM has delivered more than 13 million bed nets to families in need and has recently evolved to provide a full suite of innovative tools and strategies that meet the greatest needs of the communities they serve. We've teamed up with UBM to expand its work in Latin America, resulting in delivery of over 115,800 bed nets to Ecuadorian families.

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Range of Motion Project

Range of Motion Project

The Range of Motion Project (ROMP) is a global nonprofit dedicated to providing high-quality prosthetic care in underserved populations, enhancing mobility and unlocking human potential. ROMP operates in partnership with a network of local community leaders, prosthetists and clinics in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors to provide Ecuadorians with high-quality prosthetic care. Our efforts with ROMP focus on the need for permanent mobility services in the Ecuadorian Amazon province of Morona-Santiago, where there is currently little to no support for people with amputation.

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We're proud to constantly expand our efforts and empower our Ecuadorian partners by pushing for new ways to make an impact, so be sure to check back and see what we’re up to. There’s a long way to go, and we’ll need your help every step of the way.