Our Work In Ecuador

To support the people in the place that first inspired our brand, we partner with several organizations in Ecuador, including ALIADOS, CARE, and The Chain Collaborative. These nonprofits empower communities impacted by poverty, from the Amazon Rainforest to the highlands surrounding our namesake, Mt. Cotopaxi.

Why Cotopaxi

Revered by the Kichwa people as a sacred peak in the Andes, Ecuador’s Mt. Cotopaxi (koh-toh-PAHK-see) is an active volcano home to abundant wildlife, fertile land, and endless adventure. Cotopaxi inspired our founder, who grew up in Ecuador, to build a mission-first company. That’s why our brand takes its name from this mountain and focuses its giving in Latin America.

Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods

We’re committed to improving economic opportunities for Ecuadorians.

Chain Collaborative

Coffee-Powered Community With The Chain Collaborative

The Chain Collaborative (TCC) empowers local leaders in coffee-growing communities to achieve sustainable change. We’ve helped fund several of TCC’s projects in Ecuador, from the collective growers of Alicia Roque Farms on the coast, to the AsoAmazonas robusta coffee cooperative in the rainforest.

Alicia Roque Farms

Regenerative Agriculture With ALIADOS

ALIADOS helps farmers adopt regenerative practices and tap into modern markets. One of the projects we’re supporting is Ally Guayusa, a community cooperative that grows, processes, and sells guayusa tea leaves, heirloom peanuts, and other products.

Improving Access To Health & Education

We’re supporting grassroots organizations addressing the drivers and effects of poverty, including healthcare, education, business development, and assistance for refugees.

CARE Ecuador


CARE’s programs in Ecuador focus on clean water, sanitation, and hygiene; sexual and reproductive health; food and nutrition security; shelter; and agricultural climate resilience.

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United to Beat Malaria

United To Beat Malaria

United to Beat Malaria (UBM)—a campaign of the UN Foundation—is on a mission to eradicate malaria. We've teamed up with UBM to expand its work in Latin America, delivering over 155,800 nets to Ecuadorian families.

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Range of Motion Project

Range of Motion Project

The Range of Motion Project (ROMP) provides high-quality prosthetic care to underserved populations. Our efforts with ROMP focus on the Ecuadorian Amazon province of Morona-Santiago, where there is currently little to no support for people with amputation.

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Range of Motion Project

International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and regain control of their future. We’re helping the IRC expand their work in Ecuador, supporting Venezuelan refugees and Ecuadorians experiencing poverty with job training and early childhood education.

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global giving

Global Giving

GlobalGiving makes it safe and easy for grantmakers and donors to donate to grassroots projects. We’re supporting their work with four nonprofits in Ecuador focused on empowering vulnerable women and girls, addressing malnutrition, and providing vocational training.

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