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Why It's Different

In tandem with our recent Teva x Cotopaxi collaboration, all direct donations to the Cotopaxi Foundation will now go to the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood to help youth—and especially youth of color—engage in outdoor recreation and online education.

About This Product


Your charitable gift to the Cotopaxi Foundation will support the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood. The organization provides an array of learning opportunities including academic enrichment, leadership skills, physical activity and athletics, computer literacy, music lessons, and fine arts programs.

Mel Culpepper knows personally how young minds can flourish given the right opportunities and encouragement. Being a Boys & Girls Club graduate herself, the experience taught her that everybody has the power to make a meaningful impact. 

“My first job was at a Club,” Mel shared. “Also, my grandfather worked as a Club professional for years, so you can say, ‘it’s in my blood.’ I learned the importance of responsibility and commitment very early in life through Club experiences.”

As the CEO of Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood—located in the epicenter of celebrity culture and entertainment industry—Mel’s successful leadership stems from her ability to see the potential of each individual that passes through the club’s programs. The organization embraces and encourages cultural diversity and attempts to create a model for a better, shared society.

The Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood currently serves predominantly underprivileged and low-income students (approximately 5-17 years old) in its local community. From indoor and outdoor physical activities to computer literacy, music lessons and fine arts programs, its after-school learning opportunities foster a love for learning and expression that stick with many of its members for the rest of their lives. Early in the collaboration process, the Cotopaxi Foundation and Teva identified B&GCH as a top-performing organization in the youth inclusivity space and were thrilled to learn more about its programs.

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