Portland Garment Factory


Portland, OR


Renovo Collection

Claim to Fame

Intersectional feminist business model

Located in Portland, Oregon, Portland Garment Factory (PGF) is a woman-owned, zero-waste design and fabrication studio that partners with us to create our Renovo Collection made from Cotopaxi deadstock fabric and past products. 

Garment manufacturers make up only 1% of B Corporations, and PGF is proud to lead the way. PGF is a certified B Corp that meets rigorous standards for social and environmental impact. 

The textile industry is one of the world’s top polluters, and PGF is committed to transforming it through sustainable manufacturing and circular design practices. When a project is completed, material at the end of its life cycle is pulverized into PGF Puff, to be used as filling for home products.

Led by founder Britt Howard, PGF follows an intersectional feminist business model. The team operates democratically and fosters a humanistic approach to creative problem solving. The factory also offers competitive wages, profit sharing, and 80% coverage of employee health benefit costs.