Outside Perspectives Community Sourced Film Project


People who do things differently spark our curiosity. We're on a journey to chase that spark through unexpected, personal, and experiential stories from the outdoor community. That's why we're dedicating $10,000 to fund one or more Outside Perspectives in short film form (5-10 minute length).

Watch an Outside Perspective with runner and ROMP advocate Nicole Ver Kuilen.

how it works


  1. Send us your "Outside Perspectives" pitch by August 18, 2023 using the form below.
  2. Cotopaxi will review pitches and select several finalists. These finalists will then be asked to submit a more in-depth pitch.
  3. We'll decide which projects to support by September 18, 2023 and announce soon after.
  4. Projects must be filmed by the end of January 2024, and will be shared in the spring.


Got an Outside Perspective? We want to hear it. Keep in mind that we're an inclusive, people-focused brand centered on adventure and travel. Your pitch must include: 

  1. A synopsis
  2. Summary of the themes, people, and places featured
  3. A short explanation of why your film aligns with Cotopaxi
  4. A concise paragraph on logistics: The where, when, who, and how
  5. A bio—tell us who you are and why you're the right person to share this story

submit your pitch


Submit your Outside Perspective idea here. Terms and Conditions.

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