7 Allpa Travel Pack Hacks

From basic tricks to unique ways to use it, our Allpa Travel Packs are up for any adventure. Whether you’re taking the 28L on a micro-adventure, trying to max out every inch of the 35L, or bringing the 45L along on a ski trip, here are some staff favorite packing tips here at Cotopaxi.

1. Carry-on hack: This bag can carry an insane amount of stuff. And if I need to squeeze the 35L into the overhead bins on a plane, I flip the hip strap and buckle it around the front, then cinch it down to save that extra little bit of space.  –Simon, Assistant Retail Manager and Allpa 35L owner 

2. Ski day anyone? The Allpa 42L is the perfect bag for holding ski gear! My boots fit perfectly in the large butterfly compartment, while my mittens, goggles, snacks, and additional layers fill the remaining pockets. It’s super convenient to have a durable, streamlined bag to hold all my ski gear. Other boot bags are big, bulky, and uncomfortable to carry.  –Murphy, Photo Studio Photographer and Allpa 42L owner

3. Bonus space! If I know I’m traveling to a place where I won’t need a rain cover, I like to leave my rain cover at home and use the rain cover stash pocket for my phone, keys, and extra cash.  –Lihuen, eComm Content Strategist and 28L Allpa owner

4. Fortify your pack. When I’m not using the waist strap, I remove it and place it along the inside of the main compartment to give a little more structure to the base of the pack.  –Will, Lead Retail Guide and Allpa 35L owner

5. Get crafty with climbing. Even though it’s not really a climbing pack, I take it to the crag pretty often. As long as you have some level ground, the butterfly opening is great for having your gear easily accessible, organized, and away from dust and dirt.  –Jason, Photo Studio Manager and Allpa 42L owner

6. Nesting dolls, but make it packs. The Allpa X fits into the top compartment of the Allpa 35L (and 45L), which is really convenient during airplane travel. I condense my packs while going through the airport, and then taking the Allpa X out on the plane. That way, I can have my essentials with me, while my 35L is in the overhead bin.  –Caroline, Writer and Allpa X owner  

7. Get crafty with carabiners. I like to add carabiners to the gear loops on each corner of the bag for easy attachment when using my 28L. I’ve done everything from clipping my Batac 16L Backpack onto my Allpa while traveling, to attaching my Allpa to a snowmobile during a trip in Yellowstone.  –Doug, eComm Manager and Allpa 28L owner