Behind the Design: Teca Cálido

Each season at Cotopaxi, we look forward to a new batch of limited-edition Teca colorways. This season, however, we had something else to look forward to: Cálido, our first-ever insulated Teca piece—an entirely new jacket that elevates this signature product family to higher levels of versatility and warmth. 

The brainchild of two Cotopaxi designers, Ben Doxey and Em Smith, the Teca Cálido was the natural evolution for our collection of color-blocked, repurposed jackets. “We’ve always wanted to add an insulated version of the Teca to give the family more seasons to play with, and we finally found a great insulation to do it with,” says Em.

“The Cálido’s main side shares a lot of the same design language [as the original Teca]. However, on the reverse side we introduced a new square quilt that we haven’t used before on our insulated jackets,” Ben explains. “We wanted to offer another insulation option [that didn’t incorporate] the down we use in many of our styles. It is important that we are listening to our customers who do not want to support the use of feathers.”

Ben introduces our factory partners in China to the Teca Cálido. 

Ben reviews the Cálido's measurements with Evie, our VP of Design.

So apart from its quilting and 100% recycled insulation, what else sets this jacket apart from other products of the Teca Collection? The Cálido—bright on one side and more muted on the other—is totally reversible. “When we came up with the reversibility factor for color play, we were full steam ahead,” says Em. Ben continues, “We all want to wear our outdoor jackets everywhere to stay warm, but sometimes they look too technical and goofy in a restaurant or at a party. Having a solid side to the jacket with lifestyle pockets and quilting make Cálido the perfect jacket for a variety of activities.”

Em introduces the season's Cálido colorways to our design team.

In addition to all its other unique features, Cálido’s funky colorways are also part of what make this jacket—like all other Teca products—so cool. “Each colorway reflects an expression and place in Em’s mind … It’s amazing to watch them come to life,” says Ben. 

“I’ve heard lots of theories on Teca colors and their names and meanings,” Em laughs. “Teca is where I let loose and have fun, put together combinations of totally unexpected colors, give them unique names that make me smile—and that make other people smile too, I hope!”