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2021 Impact Report

2021 proved to be another challenging year, but we made big steps to advance our impact in the wake of a continuing global crisis.

Impact 2021

Annual Highlights

poverty alleviation

Aided 1,255,490 people directly through poverty alleviation programs

supply chain

Assisted 63,300 workers across our supply chain


Donated 202,000 masks (total value: $707,000)

malaria treatment

Provided 67,000 malaria treatments benefitting 403,416 families

refugee assistance

Assisted over 89,100 refugees in Ecuador and Venezuela

sponsored education

Sponsored education for over 24,000 children

“As we reflect on what it is that has made Cotopaxi successful in its impact, we believe that it is the courageous optimism of everyday people who choose to support accountable capitalism.” Annie Agle
Senior Director of Impact and Sustainability

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our team continued to drive change and reduce our negative impacts. Our giving, carbon accounting, and governance were core to allowing Cotopaxi to grow in a manner that resulted in both financial and sustainable wins.

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Cotopaxi Foundation

We allocate 1% of annual revenues to the Cotopaxi Foundation. These funds are then distributed in the form of grants to outstanding nonprofit partners who are carefully selected for their track records at improving the human condition and alleviating poverty.

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