What We Do

We create innovative outdoor products and experiences that fund sustainable poverty alleviation, move people to do good, and inspire adventure.

Cotopaxi funds solutions that address the most persistent needs of those living in extreme poverty. Giving is core to our model. As a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation, Cotopaxi has made a commitment to creating positive social impact. We focus our efforts on global poverty alleviation & give targeted grants to advance health, education, and livelihoods initiatives around the world.

Impact Report

Our grantmaking represents our belief in the power of holistic development. We focus on three pillars which we believe are inextricably linked and crucial to creating a sustainable pathway out of poverty. Within each pillar, we have identified specific poverty indicators against which we track our outcomes and success.


Reduce preventable disease & under-five mortality rates


Improve primary literacy rates & access to quality education


Create opportunity for entrepreneurial training & job skills development


Cotopaxi selects high-impact organizations that build sustainable solutions in collaboration with local communities. Active collaboration with nonprofit partners enables us to identify and target key needs. We do our research and invest in organizations that have demonstrated success and measure impact. We share our impact with the Cotopaxi community to ensure transparency and accountability.


All of our grantees and partners have demonstrated outstanding impact, agility, and persistence. They are implementing solutions that are generating positive results, they execute with excellence, and they have the capacity to scale. Our partners focus on building sustainable solutions that fuel resiliency within the community.

Cotopaxi doesn’t accept proposals but actively sources organizations. Listening, learning, and researching every step of the way ensures we deeply understand pressing needs and root problems. Our aim is to streamline processes for nonprofits, increasing their efficiency and maximizing their time spent on programming. We track milestones and conduct a rigorous evaluation of each nonprofit’s methodology to ensure their work is based on a thorough needs assessment and is backed by data. We seek out organizations and programs that are locally led and solutions that are created in collaboration with the community.

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