How To Pack An Allpa 38L Roller For 2 Weeks

Two weeks, one carry-on roller bag. Is it possible? We say yes … with a shake of minimalism and smart packing. 

But first: the pack itself. One thing you should know about our Allpa 38L Roller Bag is that it has two big burly wheels. The benefit of two stationary wheels vs. four spinning wheels is that they’re super durable and roll easily over uneven terrain. So if you’re schlepping your bag over cobblestone streets, dirt roads, or up and down stairs, two wheels is a great choice. 

The second thing you should know about our Allpa 38L Roller is that it has thoughtful storage to make maximizing the space super easy. With some help from our Cubos Packing Cubes, you’d be surprised what you can fit in this rugged little roller. 

We created a packing list for a two-week trip to New Zealand during shoulder season, when temps range from 40-65°F. For a small country, New Zealand has tons of different activities available, from Fiordland National Park to local wineries, mountain biking, and picturesque coastal towns. The good news is that NZ is a relatively casual country, which simplifies packing. While we had New Zealand in mind for this packing list, you could use it for any 2-week trip to a geographically diverse spot during shoulder season: 



If you’re going to be hiking in the morning, and wine tasting at a vineyard in the afternoon, you need options. On the active side, we recommend bringing a long-sleeve quick-dry and short-sleeve quick-dry shirt (or tank), ideally with some UPF protection. From the top of the mountain to the bottom, you might experience a range of temps, so it’s best to be prepared. 

For the city, pack a casual long-sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, or tank (depending on forecast and your preference); a lightweight sweater or sweatshirt, and a casual button-up shirt. With options like these, layering is super easy. And unless you’re sticking to street food and hostel kitchens, it’s nice to be able to dress things up with a sweater or button-up shirt for nights out. 



Similarly to our strategy for packing tops, the goal is to have a little bit of everything. We suggest packing a pair of casual shorts and a pair of casual pants, so you can shake it up on days in town when you’re grabbing coffee and pastries or checking out an art gallery. We also advocate for bringing a pair of comfortable shorts and a pair of pants that are movement-friendly for more active days, like our Subo Pants.


For city wandering, a light-to-mid-weight jacket, like our men’s and women’s shacket, is a perfect choice. And for days hiking or stargazing, a synthetic insulated jacket and a lightweight fleece will keep your body warm and comfy so you never have to miss out on an adventure. Oh, and it’s always a good idea to bring a rain jacket (that can double as a windbreaker), just in case. 


Figuring out what shoes to pack can be tough, especially since they typically take up the bulk of a suitcase. That’s why we keep our shoe recs to three pairs: some casual but comfortable walking shoes (boots or sneakers) for days in town, sandals (ideally with good arch support to double as walking shoes) for warmer days or time on the coast, and some hiking shoes or boots for your adventure outside of the city. And it might seem obvious, but wearing a pair of these shoes on the plane will help free up some room in your pack.


While we defer to you on the packing of delicates, we highly advocate for packing 4-6 pairs of merino wool socks (some ankle, some mid-calf) because they dry quickly and work perfectly in the city or on the mountain. We’d also recommend bringing a swimsuit if you’re hoping to explore the sea, rivers, or hot springs on your trip. Packing things like pajamas, your toiletry kit, some sunglasses, a winter beanie and sun hat, a reusable water bottle, and a book or journal is recommended as well. And finally, bringing some sort of day backpack or tote along makes packing for day trips easy. We love to bring the Viaje Weekender Bag, which has a pass-through strap that’s compatible with Allpa’s roller bag handle. 


Final Packing Advice 

Whether you’re heading to New Zealand—or somewhere entirely different—packing well can be tricky. But if you stick to minimalist styles and an overarching color scheme, mixing and matching is easy, and packing a variety of layers means you’ll be comfortable in just about every temp under the sun. 

Need More Space? 

If you feel like you need more room, or you’re hoping to head out on a longer adventure, check out our Allpa 65L Roller Bag. Identical in features and function, the 65L version will give you plenty of space to pack more clothes and gear. 

Full Packing List

(And yes, we actually packed all of these things in an Allpa 38L!)

  • Casual long-sleeve shirt
  • Casual short-sleeve shirt and/or tank 
  • Casual sweater or sweatshirt 
  • Casual button-up shirt
  • Quick-dry long-sleeve shirt 
  • Quick-dry short-sleeve shirt and/or tank
  • Casual shorts
  • Casual pants
  • Active shorts 
  • Active pants 
  • Lightweight/mid-weight casual jacket, like a shacket
  • Synthetic insulated jacket 
  • Rain jacket (can double as a windbreaker) 
  • Fleece 
  • Comfortable walking shoes (boots or sneakers)
  • Sandals 
  • Hiking shoes 
  • 4-6 merino wool socks (mix of ankle and mid-calf length)
  • Swimsuit 
  • Dopp kit for toiletries
  • Pajama top & bottoms
  • Sunglasses
  • Winter hat 
  • Sun hat
  • Water bottle
  • Journal or book
  • Hip pack
  • Day backpack or tote