Educate Girls

Improving Access & Quality of Education for Four Million Children

Three million girls are out of school in India, with more than 350,000 of those in the state of Rajasthan alone. Educate Girls works to improve quality and access to education while simultaneously tackling the root causes of gender inequality in the education system. Its model mobilizes communities to take a stand against gender disparity, working directly with governments, schools, parents, village leaders, and community volunteers to ensure a sustainable and holistic response to the region’s education challenges.

Why we Love Them

By empowering local communities to improve the quality of girls' education and break down barriers to access, more youth are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to pave a pathway out of poverty. Educate Girls’ model has demonstrated impressive impact—with marked progress in student enrollment and retention rates as well as heightened learning outcomes. Globally, investment in girls’ education has been proven to disrupt gender inequity and result in positive changes to a community’s health, income levels, and overall livelihoods, bringing about social transformation at scale.

Impact Highlights:

  • More than 100,000 out-of-school girls have been enrolled in school
  • Educate Girls works in 8,000 schools across 4,500+ villages
  • Its programs have increased the average attendance of children in schools from 62% to 87%