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2020’s been weird.
But you can make it epic.

On the longest day this year, join us for a virtual event focused on responsible adventures.

Get outside, bask in the sunshine, and complete challenges in new categories.

Create lasting memories with your closest friends…

…And help fight Covid. A portion of each ticket sold benefit the IRC’s Covid Response Fund.

June 20th | Virtual Event

Questival Seize The Día

On a mission to soak up vitamin D on the sunniest day of the year.

Even in this period of uncertainty, brighter days are coming our way, and we want you to get outside and celebrate a sun that always rises. That’s why we’re celebrating the summer solstice with Questival Seize the Día, a remote, single-day event focused on responsible, closer-to-home adventure under the sun. We provide a list of creative outdoor challenges, and you and your team compete with other teams across the country to see them through. The most successful teams will score cool prizes. Even better? A portion of each ticket sold will go to the IRC’s Crisis Response Fund to combat COVID-19.

Level Up with Luzon

Luzon 18L Backpack

When you add a Luzon to your ticket price, you get your backpack for 23% off our normal retail price. Worth it? We think so, especially considering how handy these packs are for just about everything. An icon of the original Questival, the Luzon 18L Backpack is made with quality, 100% repurposed nylon—from remnant fabric that might otherwise have gone to a landfill.

* When you order a Questival+Luzon bundle, you’ll receive your Questival registration confirmation, along with a randomly selected 18L backpack that we’ll send to your residence. Learn more about our remnant products here.

Luzon Packs
Quaranteam Family

Team Up With Family

Get a discount on 4 or more tickets

Soaking up the sun this summer solstice with your family and friends? Receive a 15% discount when you purchase four or more tickets. When each member of your team has a ticket of their own, they can post to the app and judge the competition on their personal device. It also means that each participant qualifies for prizes.


There’s something here for everyone. Go big, and you’ll have a chance to win Cotopaxi gift cards. Take the laid-back path and try something new with your friends and family. Either way, you’ll have an incredible experience that will seal 2020 in your memory—for reasons not involving pangolins or toilet paper.

Questival Seize the Día
General Info

Event Details

Location: Worldwide. Everyone is welcome to participate in this virtual event.

When: June 20th.

How it works: Assemble your team of 1–6 participants. Compete solo or with your friends and family.

You’ll have about 18 hours and 30 minutes to complete the list of challenges. The event starts at 3:00 a.m. MST and ends at 9:30 p.m. MST on June 20th. These times are based on sunrise and sunset times across the country.

Questival Seize the Día challenges are unique in their emphasis on outdoor recreation. We’ll challenge you to spend a full day in the sun, whether you’re biking, frolicking in the flowers, cooking up something delicious in your backyard, or doing the hokey pokey.

You’re not just in it to impress us at Cotopaxi. In fact, your fellow competitors will judge your completion of the challenges throughout the event.

Prizes: Points will be awarded for completing challenges in easy, medium, and hard categories. These points will then be combined with your peer judging score.

The top 10 scoring teams will be selected to receive prizes.

*Please note: Spring 2020 SLC Questival ticket codes will not count toward this registration.

Who it helps: A portion of ticket proceeds will go to the IRC’s Crisis Response Fund to combat COVID-19.