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Our Vision

At Cotopaxi, we strive to lift humanity in all we do. Every aspect of our production must treat people well. When looking for manufacturing partners, we ask these critical questions:

  • Are the people at this facility masters of their craft?
  • Can the facility give us an excellent and fair price?
  • Does the facility provide its employees sustainable, equitable wages?
  • Are the employees able to thrive (not just get by) on their salaries?

Our Backpack Manufacturer

Our manufacturing partner in the Philippines exceeds all these requirements. We found them through CJ Whittaker, our Design Director. One of the best pack manufacturers in the world, this factory has a proven record of creating stellar gear and empowering its employees.

The Lowdown

  • Location: Bataan, Philippines
  • 5415 employees
  • 3192 machines